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959 / 1199-S-R / 1299-S-R CLEAR CLUTCH COVERS

On this page you will find everything required to install a clear clutch cover to your 959 / 1199-S-R or 1299-S-R. You can choose between CC119901 and CC119902 clear clutch covers. CC119901 is a one piece unit which is fully annodised to the colour of your choice. CC119902 is a two piece unit (the rear of which is annodised black) and has a removable front ring which can be replaced in the event of damage. Both units are able to have the clear cover and O ring replaced in case of damage.

You should also select a colour variant of the CCDV05SM pressure plate and a colour variant of the SM01 pressure plate.

You can also add the SLI01 slider which provides some protection in the event of a crash. 

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