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This page contains everything you will need to fit a clear clutch cover to your 899.

The 899 differs from other Ducati wet clutch Superbikes in that the inner timing cover and clutch cover is one complete unit. To install a clear clutch cover the timing cover must be replaced with one from an 1199 which will allow the installation of the clear clutch cover. Ducabike Australia 899 clear clutch cover kit has everything required to get this job done including the replacement timing cover.

Ducabike do not manufacture annodised pressure plates for the 899, so if you want to dress up the clutch to take full advantage of the beautiful clear clutch cover the option to go for is the 6 spring adjustable slipper clutch listed below. This is a fully adjustable slipper clutch that is just as much at home on the track as it is on the road. Along with the fully adjustable slipper function it comes with a beautiful red annodised pressure plate. This clutch uses your OEM clutch plates (or we can provide you with a clutch pack to suit) at additional cost.

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