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BSRA57D - Adjustable Handlebar - GP - 57mm Diameter

BSRA57D - Adjustable Handlebar - GP - 57mm Diameter

$809.99 $1,021.99


  • 7075 Billet Aluminium
  • Black Anodised Finish
  • Provides variation to the inclination of the tube from 6 to 10 degrees. The bracelets and the handlebars are wholly obtained from solid block
  • Key Features: - Aligns handlebar to the fork leg to have a more direct feeling with the front (as in MotoGP)
  • Does not change the load on the front fork - you can adjust the heights (centre of gravity doesn't move forward)
  • Allows less space for remote controls and instrumentation details of the brake
  • Ability to vary the inclination by 6 ° to 10 ° by a graduated scale - faces the commands and not towards the dashboard
  • Increased thickness of tubes by 4 mm to provide excellent strength. (The kit includes two bracelets and tubes)

* Click HERE for replacement handlebar tubes *

* Click HERE for OEM pre-drilled bars for use with standard switch-blocks *

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